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Useful Links

Environmental Regulations and Technologies for Oil and Gas
Utah DEQ oil and gas website
A collection of best management practices for the oil and gas industry in the Intermountain West
Emissions control techniques for oil and gas (EPA)
State-by-state air quality laws pertaining to oil and gas development
State-by-state water quality and reclamation laws pertaining to oil and gas development
Flaring issues, solutions, and technologies (EFD)
EPA Natural Gas Star program
National Oil and Gas Gateway

Uintah Basin Air Quality
Real-time air quality data for the Uintah Basin (USU)
Uintah Basin air quality forecast (USU)
Utah DEQ Uintah Basin air quality website

Uintah County 3-day air quality forecast (Utah DEQ)
 County 3-day air quality forecast (Utah DEQ)
3-day air quality forecast for all monitored counties in Utah (Utah DEQ)
Special issue in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics about Uintah Basin air quality
Report to Utah DAQ: Improvements to CAMx Snow Cover Treatments and Carbon Bond Chemical Mechanism for Winter Ozone (Environ)
Section of the Utah Code establishing the Uintah Basin Air Quality Research Project at the USU Bingham Center

Air Quality and Health
Air quality and health handouts (Intermountain Health)

Health effects from ozone pollution (EPA)
Oil and gas and your health (Colorado DPHE)

Other Air Quality Websites
Real-time air quality in Wyoming (Wyoming DEQ)
Upper Green River Basin, Wyoming, reports and technical documents
Utah Air Quality Science Conference Series
FIRMS firemapper
HYSPLIT air transport trajectory generator
Utah DAQ Science for Solutions grants page

Articles About Bias in Science and How to Overcome It
"The Trouble With Scientists," Nautilus, Ball 2017

Other Great Links
Analytical Training Solutions (free HPLC and GCMS training)
SDS Provider (free MSDS lookup)
Data management plan generator
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