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Safety Data Sheets

Instructions for uploading safety data sheets and adding them to this spreadsheet are at the bottom of the page.

  1. Make a google account if you don't have one.
  2. Ask Seth to add you as an editor of the google drive folder that contains this database.
  3. Download a PDF copy of the SDS you want to upload, or scan it into PDF format.
    1. Remember that you need a separate SDS for each (a) chemical or chemical mixture and (b) manufacturer, but not for different purity grades or quantities of the same chemical.
  4. Upload the PDF to google drive in the folder "SDS PDFs"
  5. Right click on the file you uploaded and select "Share."  A window will pop up .  
    1. It should have a box that says "anyone with the link can view."  click on that box, then click "More..."
    2. Select "On-public on the web," then click "Save."
    3. Click "Copy Link."
  6. Now open the Google Spreadsheet file called "SDS Database." 
  7. Fill out a new row with the chemical name, its CAS number (available on the SDS), the manufacturer, and the link to the PDF file.  When you paste in the link, it will automatically show up as a clickable hyperlink.
    1. If your item is a mixture of several chemcials, type the manufacturer's name for the product in the column called Chemical Name.
    2. If there is no CAS number, or if there are many CAS numbers because it is a chemical mixture, just type N/A.
  8. Hover over the right side of the column label for column A.  A little button will appear.
  9. Click on the little button, and then select "Sort sheet A-Z."  this will alphabetize the spreadsheet by chemical name.  
  10. Come back to this web page, refresh the page, and make sure the new row you entered is visible.
  11. Close the SDS Database spreadsheet and Google Drive.  You don't need to save your changes.  The Google cloud software does this automatically.