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Travel Instructions

Preparing for travel:
  1. Figure out where you are going, how you are getting there, costs, etc.
  2. Send an email to Seth requesting travel approval.  Include estimated cost and index number in email.
  3. Go to and click Login, then log in with your A number and password.
  4. Once you are logged in, click Service Catalog>Business Services>Travel Forms>RC-AIS Travel Authorization.  Note that if you don't select the RC-AIS travel authorization button, but select the one that doesn't say RC-AIS, your request will be lost in internet limbo until the end of time.  
  5. Fill out the form.  Call Colleen Cruz if you have questions about it. 
  6. Submit the TA request, and then email or call Colleen Cruz to make sure she received it.  You will need a TA number from Colleen before you can book a flight with Christopherson.  So do this well in advance of your travel.  Also, you will need to give them our DP code, which is DPVAIR.

After you return from travel:
  • Go to the same website as before, but select RC-AIS Travel Reimbursement, and fill out that form.  again, it wouldn't hurt to call Colleen and make sure she received it.  Don't forget to save receipts, etc.
  • All travel receipts, whether or not you paid out of pocket or USU paid with a travel card or something, need to be uploaded to the TR request.  Also, all travel expenses for that trip, whether you paid for them out of pocket or not, need to be written out in the TR request.

Travel policies:
  • Remember that you can't use an ordinary University P-card to make travel purchases (hotel, flights, taxi, etc.).  These can only be done with your own card or with a travel P-card.  Colleen Cruz has one and can reserve hotels rooms or whatever with her travel card. 
  • If you are flying, you can either book your flights through Christopherson Travel, ask Seth to book the flights for you with his Travel card, you can get your own Travel card, or you can pay with your personal card and get reimbursed. 
    • For Christopherson: it is best if you figure out more-or-less what flights you want and then book them through Christopherson Travel.  The contact number for Christopherson Travel is 1-866-489-9834.  Or you can call 801-538-3358 and ask for Merrilee.
  • For meals and per diem, you can either accept the standard $47 per day the University offers, or you can get reimbursed for actual costs.  Most of the time everyone goes with the $47 per day, because if you do that you don't have to save your meal and incidental receipts.  If you opt for actual costs, you will only get reimbursed for the receipts you turn in, and they may give you a hard time if there are really expensive meals, etc. 
For information about all of USU's travel policies, go to  

For information about what counts as work during travel and what doesn't, go to  (This only applies to hourlies and non-exempt salaried employees)