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Chemical Inventory

Click on the link below whenever you (1) recieve a new chemical, (2) change the storage location of a chemical, or (3) completely use up or dispose of a chemical.  Each new chemical needs a new, silver, consecutively-numbered sticker, which are available on the north wall of room 218.  So if you buy four bottles of acetonitrile, each one gets a separate sticker.  
Every chemical must have an associated safety data sheet uploaded to our website.  Safety Data Sheets are specific to each chemical and each manufacturer, so you don't need a separate one for 10 mL of benzene and 100 mL of benzene, and you don't need to upload a new one if you get a new quantity of a chemical that already has one uploaded, but you do need to upload separate ones for benzene ordered from Sigma and benzene ordered from Fisher. You don't need a separate safety data sheet for different grades of the same chemical from the same manufacturer. Instructions on how to upload safety data sheets are given on the safety data sheet page.

Click Here to Add, Change, or Remove an Item in the Inventory