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Instructions for Shipping

If you need to you can ship things with your p-card like we have always done.  But you can get a big discount on shipping by following these instructions:

1. Email Trish Nelson at  Cc Colleen Cruz at Trish works in shipping and receiving in Logan.  You will need to provide Trish with the date of the shipment, the shipping to address, and the shipping from address.  If you need to you can call Trish at (435) 797-1875.

2. Use UPS account code X92-839.  Go to Mailboxes Express and they will give you the shipping form to fill out.  Use that account code to fill out the form.

3. Mailboxes Express will give you one copy of the shipping form.  Save it for your records.  Save it in your receipt binder.  

4. Colleen will contact you or Seth when the purchase goes through and ask you what index number to put it on.