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Purchase Requests

To send a purchase request to Latrisha, fill out this form for each item you wish to purchase.  You must sign in to a google account to fill out the form so google can hunt you down and kill you if you upload a malicious file.  If you wish to purchase more than one item from the same supplier, fill out the form separately for each item.  After you click submit on the form, there will be a link to click to fill it out again if you wish.
Click Here to Submit a Purchase Request
The list of purchase requests that have been made can be viewed below.  After Latrisha makes the purchase, she will fill in the rightmost column with an X.  The spreadsheet will take 3-5 minutes to update after a request is submitted or other changes are made.  Those who are authorized can access the spreadsheet to make changes here.

Also, you can click here to upload a receipt for Latrisha to reconcile if she is the reconciler for your card, and Latrisha can access a spreadsheet of the results here.