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Plans for Proposals and Papers

Google Spreadsheet. Contact Laura if you can't access the spreadsheet at this link.

Primary Author Paper name or topic Status Notes
Colleen selenium mass balance in pariette working on it  
  Se plant and soil volatility working on it  
  Se soil paper working on it  
  Se bioaccumulation working on it  
  Soil reclamation working on it  
  BLM soil emissions paper working on it w/marc, cody, seth Mike McKinley, Ryan Rowland
  Penstemon working on it w/ Lisa Boyd
  Hg GC-MS methods paper (w/Seth) Published 2016  
Huy Model source apportionment techniques later model stinks, so not sure about conclusions
  met controls on ozone production working on it  
  pond plume paper end of year  
  Adapting SAPRC07 model mechanism for simulating winter Ozone resubmit soon  
Marc statistics of super-emitters 1 Published 2015  
  Solution properties of DNA Published 2015  
  pond/water9/etc paper end of year  
  ozone regression paper working on it  
  literaturer statistics working on it  
  benford's law working on it  
  Other basins resubmitting editor battle
  modeling power plant plume (huy & trang) later  
Seth ozone spatial distribution Published 2015  
  Hg Calibrator (w/Colleen) Published 2016 seth will send to Colleen by end of May
  pond emissions--flux chamber end of year  
  Carbonyl Emissions (w/Trevor and Trang) sometime maybe  
  true vs moly Nox hopefully soon  
  UB ozone seasonality--w/ Marc and Huy Later Huy: interannual variability, Marc: corrlation analysis, Seth: ozone production efficiency-- model it?  Does nox vs voc sensitivity change during winter season
Trang Paper related to UAF dissertation resubmitted  
  nudging/no nudging impacts (w/Huy) soon  
Jerimiah ambient VOC (1 paper; w/marc and seth) Hopefully working on it