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Uploading Photos for the Annual Inventory Effort

We are required to annually photograph all items in our department inventory that are not in our labs, or that haven't been in our labs in previous years so the inventory folks don't know where to find them.  Please follow these instructions here to meet this requirement:

  1. Take two photographs of each item in the list below. 
    1. The first photograph should be of the inventory sticker on the item. 
    2. The second should be of the item itself.
  2. Name the photograph files with the barcode number listed in the table.
  3. Upload the files using the Box widget below.  Alternatively, you can open the appropriate Box folder here, sign in, and upload the photos without the widget.
  4. If possible, please upload all files before 30 April 2018.
  5. Email Seth when you assignment is complete

Who is assigned Barcode Item Location
Randy 145412 Mercury Calibrator Room 215
Randy 144818 AQD NO2 converter inside the NOx analyzer Castle Peak
Randy 200741EX Mobile Lab Trailer (photograph license plate for 1st photo) Outside
Randy 208797EX Little trailer (photograph license plate for 1st photo) Outside
Randy 136483 LGR methane analyzer Mobile lab trailer
Trevor 140697 Teledyne dilution calibrator Roosevelt
Trevor 140698 Teledyne ozone calibrator Room 215A
Trevor 140700 CNR4 radiometer Roosevelt
Trevor 140705 Teledyne Nox analyzer Roosevelt
Trevor 141305 Thermo Methane/Nonmethane analyzer Roosevelt
Trevor 146690 Perkin Elmer Turbomatrix Autosampler Roosevelt
Trevor 146691 Perkin Elmer GC Roosevelt
Trevor 144718 Fox flow meter Mobile lab trailer
Trevor 144719 Fox flow meter High bay