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Colleen Jones

Colleen Jones

Senior Researcher

Contact Information

Office Location: Bingham Center 221S
Phone: (435) 722-1757


Dr. Jones is a Senior Researcher in the Plants, Soils, and Climate department at Utah State University. She works closely with the Bingham Research Center’s team on a wide array of environmental projects concerning air, soil and water quality. Her fieldwork includes collecting, processing, and prepping samples of aquatic bird eggs, fish tissue, benthic macroinvertebrates, plants, sediments, and water samples. Samples are then analyzed for selenium and mercury concentration to quantify the potential risk and toxicological impact on local aquatic birds. Colleen works with the BLM and the oil and gas industry to develop and test soil reclamation techniques unique to arid landscapes. Successful and sustainable reclamation of abandoned well pads is an important endpoint of oil and gas development and helps increase wildlife habitat. Other research includes development of instrumentation that will identify and measure mercury compounds in the atmosphere, measurement and quantification of hydrocarbon emissions, and monitoring of the Uintah Basin's endangered plant species.