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Optical Gas Imaging Loan Program

ULend is a partnership between Utah DEQ, TriCounty Health, and USU to make a leak detection camera available for use by Utah's oil and gas industry.  Find out more about ULend at or watch this video:

Contact Seth Lyman at or 435-722-1740 to check out the ULend camera or to make an appointment to receive camera training.

Detailed Instructions for Participating in the ULend Program

  • If you have received training from FLIR or the Infrared Training Center, please scan your training certificate and upload it using the widget at the bottom of this page. Ideally, you should receive optical gas imaging training here
  • If you have not received or are unable to receive training from FLIR, please contact Seth Lyman at or 435-722-1740 to make an appointment with our staff at USU to receive training from them. The USU training session will last 90-120 minutes and must be completed in person at our offices (320 N. Aggie Blvd. in Vernal).  Before you arrive for training, you must do the following:
    • View the FLIR camera introductory video at 
    • Complete a free, online training course (it takes about 60 minutes) and upload your completion certificate using the widget at the bottom of this page. Follow these instructions to access and take the course:
      • Go to
      • Click on Log In in the upper right, and then click Register Here and register as a user.
      • Once you are logged in, go back to
      • Click on the icon for Infrared Camera/Infrared Software Operation, and then click on the icon for FLIR GF Camera Basics.  
      • Click Enroll, and then click My Dashboard at the top.  You should see the course listed under Enrollments.
      • Click the Start or View icon under Enrollments, then click the icon below the word Action to take the GF Camera Series Operation course.
      • Follow the instructions to go through the slides to complete the course. At the last slide, click the orange button, and then click the red circle with a white X in it at the top right.  
      • Next, go back to My Dashboard and click the icon below the word Action to take the Course Evaluation.
      • Follow the instructions to complete the course evaluation.  At the last slide, click the blue button, , and then click the red circle with a white X in it at the top right.
      • Now go back to My Dashboard, and your certificate will be listed under Certificates at the right.  Save it as a PDF and upload it using the widget below.
  • Look at the calendar below to determine when the camera is available.  Note that there are two tiers of reservations.  If the calendar shows busy in blue, you cannot borrow it for that time.  If it shows busy in red, you may still reserve it.  When you make the appointment, only "busy" will show up on the calendar, not your name or company information.
  • Before you take the camera, you must complete the ULend Loan Agreement.
  • Contact Seth Lyman at or 435-722-1740 to make an appointment to obtain the camera from USU personnel.  
    • The check-out procedure will take about 20 minutes.
    • You may request the camera for periods of up to one week.
    • Please do not request the camera less than three business days in advance. 
  • At the end of the period for which you have reserved the camera, return it during business hours (9AM-5PM) to Suite 117 at USU's Bingham Building in Vernal (320 N. Aggie Blvd.).  If no one is present in Suite 117, you may return the camera to Student Services.  Do not leave the camera unattended.  The check-in procedure will take about 10 minutes.
  • Turn in the ULend use reporting form.  You may turn in a paper copy with the camera or upload it using the upload widget at the bottom of this page.

Calendar of ULend FLIR Leak Detection Camera Availability

Blue = Camera has been reserved by industry for leak detection and repair (LDAR) and is not available.

Red = Camera has been reserved for a "second tier" use and is usually available to industry for LDAR.

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